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Neomalsore is a flower that bloomed after the hard work of 14 generations in the heart of the Albanian mountains, particularly Molla village extension, called Nanbli.

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Thanks to our hard work and great guests, we’ve been featured on some of the world’s famous magazines.

What Makes Us Special

We are highlanders family offering our home and goods for a local authentic experience.


Cozy retreats with local charm and comfort.


Local culinary to savor regional flavors.


Marked trails to explore iconic sites and views.


Paddle through serene waters and scenic views.


Cultural insights into the lives of locals.


Trails that offer breathtaking landscapes.


Dive into crystal-clear waters for relaxation.

Discovering Peace In Nature’s Simplicity

Neomalsore  aims to offer a genuine local experience with some of the ingredients of the highlander’s life: the local peasant food, accommodation in a traditional Kulla style house, farming, sailing through the canyons and hiking in our glorious mountains. Our mission is to bring guests closer to our local slow-life style, far away from urbanisation but closer to nature, without internet and electricity but with another kind of connection…Giving them an opportunity to re-connect and create stronger bonds with nature through what we do. Old houses, no toilets inside, not perfect-tidy rooms but a rare authentic experience! Our family is very open to talk, share the time and tell you more about this place and traditions. You can join us in farming, fishing, planting and we would be enthusiastic to teach you more of our mother earth’s wisdom! A traditional museum house with rare ethnography garments where we live for almost a century. The first family on the valley, to open its doors to tourism since 2010. Local, good quality and close relations are important to us. Our yard and beach are an open balcony to the starriest nights you might have ever seen!

Planning to stay in Shkoder?

Cozy home at the heart of the historic centre of the city. Made of one sleeping room, one living room, a toilet and a small kitchen with all the nessesary kitchen accessories. Only at a 3 min walk and you are at the main pedestrian Shkodra street. Calmness, close to the main road but away from the noise, placed on the first floor of a 2 floors house. 24h surveillance by security cameras, private and public parking in front of the house.

What People Say About Us

Based on 133 reviews
Laurena Gramoso
Laurena Gramoso
4 June 2024
Amazing time in Neomalsore. We stayed 1 day and 1 night. This an amazing place, people are really nice, food was fresh and delicious and we were like Princess 😊 girls organized for us the boat trip to go to shala river. It was really resting to stay there. Don't hesitate to book an experience ! Thank you again so much for the welcoming 🤗
Melanie Van Clapdurp
Melanie Van Clapdurp
26 May 2024
As an unique experience this can count. If you want traditional food and a view to kill this is it. We were accompanied by a dog, two cats some chickens, some goats and some ducks. We went kayaking on the lake in the morning and it was one of the most relaxing and beautiful trips we did in Albania. The service was as should, helpfull, informative and warm. My husband is addicted to coffee and they did not even make a problem of this :) Thank you Marjana, your family and the rest of the staff for making us feel welcome!
Ben Bishop
Ben Bishop
26 May 2024
A great place to spend a couple of days - kayaking, swimming, eating the great food, learning about the history of the area. Definitely know what you are signing up for: you’re staying in an older house, with shared bathrooms with guests and staff, in a fairly remote area. (They do have water, electricity, and now wifi if needed). Tactically it’s worth knowing: you get to Neomalsore on a ferry on komani lake (smaller little boat), that leaves around 9:00-9:30 am, so it’s possible to go there from Tirana or Shkoder. I would recommend a bus vs driving, since the roads are tricky and you’d have to leave a car pre-ferry anyway. The boat ride is maybe 1 hour. You get 3 great (and large) meals a day - 8:00ish, 12:30ish, and 20:00ish. In between just relax, go hiking or kayaking, go swimming, hang out with ducks/goats/cats, and just take in the beautiful scenery. And learn about the history of the house, the culture, and the family.
Dea Stana
Dea Stana
22 May 2024
Neomalsore is a truly idyllic experience. It is located in the most beautiful corner of Koman lake, surrounded by clear green water and pure nature. Everything is so authentic, you sleep in the stoned kulla, with old traditional elements, eat in the family garden with a heavenly view and get to try delicious food. You also are lucky to see how the Albanian catholic highlanders used to live there hundred of years ago. Marjana and her family are the perfect hosts to guide you through this dreamy experience, preserving their customs with great love and making you feel at home 🤍
Neha Iyer
Neha Iyer
17 May 2024
I could not recommend this place more. The tranquil setting offers stunning views of northern Albania, some of the most beautiful lakes and mountains I have seen in my life. The experience was truly once in a lifetime and everything from the facilities at the farmhouse to the activities on offer were excellent. A highlight has to be the fresh and delicious food - veggie-friendly too - which gave us a taste of authentic Albanian home cooking. What made our stay so remarkable is the hospitality of everyone at the farmhouse. Paolo, Marjana and the team really took care of us. Thank you for making our first trip to Albania so special :)
Shkodran 91
Shkodran 91
16 May 2024
No need for comments 5🌟