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Do you have an old traditional property in Albania and you want to convert it into a successful agritourism, guesthouse, farm or just a restaurant? Our passions and experience are a great solution! We would like to be part of your success while investing for a better authentic Albanian experience! From start to a successful unique project, we will be with you on every step.

Business strategy

Develop the local economy in sustainable ways and protect family farms for future generations. We help you build the consumer awareness and loyalty toward local production.

Architecture and Renovation

We prepare and design the required changes to make your property adaptable for the market and keep the traditional element while softly integrating it with contemporary


We will assist you on adapting traditional cuisine to modern requirements to make it as qualitative and unique possible for tourism purposes.

Guide Training

We help you create advanced guides for your local area. Guides that are suitable and compatible with your business needs.

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