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Experiencing Komani Lake and Dukagjin

Dukagjin is the mountainous region in north of the Drini river. Historically the most isolated part of Albania and not only, it made resistance to all of the occupations who aimed on ruling over. Made of 9 bajraks (tribes) created what it used to be known as “Principata e Dukagjinit”. An extraordinary region, with high anthropological values, ethnography, the unique Gheg dialect, old architecture (Kulla style) and a complete wild spiritual life-style. People here lived out from nature and worshiped only to high nature values. This is greatly testified by the traditional costumes as “Xhubleta, Cakqiri e Xhamadani burrave”. Especially from the 4000 years old Xhubleta, the handcrafted garment worn by highland women and girls and which was inscribed in UNESCO in 2022.

Dukagjin and Komani lake will not offer you the European commodity and neather an easy-peasy journey. You might confront with delayed schedules, bumpy roads, broken engines, miss of reception, but nothing to worry about as you will live with the high spirit of the mountains, the mesmerizing views and the rare hospitality & kindness of the locals. As our main quote says “Our dwelling belongs to God and the guest”. “ 

 Literature you can read for knowing our region and traditions better: Edith Durham “High Albania”, “Albania and the Albanians”, Mary Rose Wilder Lane “The peaks of Shala” Robert Elsie “The tribes of Albania”

Neomalsore Experience

Go airplane mode once in a while and enjoy all what nature has to offer you. Wake up with the aroma of the fresh pancakes named “petulla” that Nana cooks on fire every morning and taste some history through our local based food.

Take a little adventure in this remote place where people live in historical buildings, without toilets and showers inside but with billions of stars above their heads. Local experience package with all the meals included is 150€/adult for one night. For kids under 7 is for free.

For kids 7-12y is 100€ one day and night.. This includes a few home-made drinks and activities like kayaking, sup and fishing. Boat picks up from Koman has an extra fee. For families of more than 4, who stay with us more than two nights, free boat pick up is offered.


Our area does not offer a hotel with 5 stars, but it can offer you a view with billions of them! Sleep under the infinite sky with a 3x3x2m glamping tent organised like a home room, with comfy beds and an amazing view! Clean sheets, pillows and towels are offered.

This tent can fit 1-3 people and has a fee of 100€/night for one person including all meals and few home drinks. Outside food or drinks are not allowed.

Toilet and shower are 3 min walk distant. Kayaking, sup and river tour are included. Boat transfer from Koman is extra 25€/person round trip. For kids 6-11 years is 70€ for one day and night . For kids under 6 years is for free.

Enjoy the day and night breathtaking views and vibes that city life has forgotten about…

Shota daily tour

A full day excursion starting from Shkoder at 07:30 am by public bus, arriving at Koman at 08:30am and departing by boat at 09:30/10:00 (depending on other people arrivals and traffic on the port). Sailing through the canyons and arriving at Neomalsore by 11:30. Time for swimming until 12:30/13:00 when we will be ready to serve the local traditional lunch. After lunch, you can visit the Shala River (mesmerising but crowded and noisy till late afternoon) and at 15:30 the boat departs back to Koman. You will reach Shkoder again by 18:00 approx. Full package with bus transfer from Shkoder and back for 75€/person, excluding the bus transfer is 60€/person. Kayaking, sun beds at home, sup and fishing is included in this package and also a welcoming drink.