About Us

Marjana's Journey from European Capitals to Albanian Highlands

Marjana, a young woman from the Dukagjini highlands of Albania, explored Genoa, Frankfurt, and Stockholm after her studies in Tirana. Despite the allure of Europe’s capitals, an encounter in Sweden—a bus driver playing Albanian music—rekindled her connection to her heritage, inspiring her return to Albania. Determined to share the stories of Albanians she met during her travels, she founded the blog Neomalsore, aiming to inspire a reconnection with cultural roots among her readers.

Upon returning, Marjana converted her family’s traditional Kulla house into Neomalsore Agrotourism, a haven for visitors seeking authentic experiences of the Albanian highlands. This venture blends sustainable tourism with cultural preservation, offering an intimate glimpse into the local lifestyle through traditional foods, customs, and the natural environment. Her initiative not only showcases the beauty of Dukagjini but also supports the local community and conserves its heritage.

Marjana’s journey from European cities back to the tranquility of her homeland exemplifies the magnetic pull of one’s origins. Through her blog and agrotourism business, she advocates for the appreciation and preservation of cultural identity, highlighting the unique value of Albania’s landscapes and traditions. Her story is a beacon for the youth, encouraging them to cherish and sustain their heritage.

About Dukagjini

Dukagjini region is one of the most isolated areas in the Western Balkans and in the same time a great hub of extraordinary values, natural beauties, people characters, gastronomy, and history. Komani lake is an artificial lake in the altitude of 155 m, created in the late 80s in the valley of Drini river which flows among this region.


Fed by two wild rivers, Shala and Valbona and interconnected with numerous canyons and villages, it will give you the vibe of sailing through the Norvegian fjords. Since tourism was started in 2010, by a local visionary young man named Mario Molla, the life in the valley made a big turn. The lake is home to numerous species and it is surrounded by the both sides with glorious proud mountains which can tell you a lot for the character of the locals.


“The high Albania people”, high in human values, whose ancestors sacrificed their lives for protecting their territories, freedom and Christian
values, and for inheriting the nature and human treasures we got today. Known as “Europe hidden gem”, is internationally known as a top unique attraction.

Neomalsore Agrotourism: Embracing Roots, Nature, and Living in Dukagjini Region

Neomalsore Agrotourism was established in July 2022 as the first and only agrotourism in Komani Lake and Dukagjini region. Neomalsore meaning “the new highlander” represents the idea of returning to the roots, and it is a call, particularly for the younger generation, to better understand their origins and forge closer ties with mother earth.

It is based on a circular economy and sustainable actions that gives the local families the chance to authentically connect with tourism through their farming in addition to other means. Neomalsore Agritourism aims to offer a genuine local experience with all the ingredients of the highlander’s life: the local peasant foods, accommodation in a traditional Kulla style house, farming, sailing through the canyons and hiking in our glorious mountains.

Our mission is to bring the tourists close to our local slow-life; far away from the civilization and the fast world. Giving them an opportunity to re-connect and create stronger bonds with nature through what we do. For nature lovers and those who have been feeling like are missing something within lately, this is the perfect place to be. Dive into the infinities that nature has to offer us…